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Dan Urekew

CWI's are in High Demand

Class schedules

Day Training

9:30am to 3:30pm

Tuesday through Friday

(4 days per week)


Evening Training

4:30pm to 9:30pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays

(2 evenings per week)


Custom scheduling

available for employer certification testings and current welders.


Mondays available

for certification testing, fabrication services, and welding company training / CWI services.

Student Testimonials

I was able to utilize my Veterans Post-9/11 GI Bill and receive the welding training and AWS

certifications I needed to excel in my field.


Dan Urekew, AWS Certified Welder

United States Veteran

At Knight School of Welding, I joined a small class of other welding students, all with different goals and skill levels. I met the goals I started out with, and am now creating pieces for clients as well as making my own artwork!


Whitney Babineaux

Artist and Fabricator

The Certified Welding Inspector training at Knight School of Welding is very thorough and informative. I was successful on the American Welding Society CWI exam on my first try.


Blake Wilson, CWI

United States Veteran

I chose Knight School of Welding because I was looking to improve my welding skills in order to get a better welding job to support my family.


Antonio Hopson, AWS Certified Welder

I had a great time at Knight School of Welding and received my AWS D1.1 GTAW, stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, and aluminum certifications. As an FAA license aircraft maintenance technician, my certifications have helped to put more money in my pocket and made me a greater asset to my company.


Jason Cochran, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Angola, Africa 

The instructors at Knight School of Welding are all very knowledgeable and they answered all my questions to help me pass my American Welding Society GMAW 3G Certification.


Jesse Francis, AWS Certified Welder

Whitney Babineaux Blake Wilson Antonio Hopson Jason Cochran Jesse Francis Stephany Villarreal

I Looked for the best welding school and found Knight School of Welding. I loved the school the moment I walked in! The staff is very nice, helpful and respectable. They helped me find the programs I needed in order to start school and I was employed before I finished school.


Stephany Villarreal, (GMAW) MIG & FLUX CORED

I now feel like whether I’m asked to weld a rocket together or a cosmetic art piece, I’ll be ready to go!!! The teachers at Knight School of Welding are the best you could ask for and they helped make me confident in the world of TIG welding.


Taylor Beisler, AWS Certified GTAW Stainless Welder

Taylor Beisler