Knight School of Welding | Virtual Welding Kit| Louisville, KY
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Welding Kit

No need to buy books or equipment - Knight School of Welding provides your textbooks and gives you the opportunity to purchase your own welding kit that is yours to keep as you enter the profession.

Our industrial grade welding kit Includes:

  • Auto-darkening helmet

  • Dewalt grinder

  • Welding jacket

  • Curved handle, carbon wire brush

  • Half round file 14”

  • Chipping hammer with spring handle

  • Soapstone holder with Soapstone

  • Welder helper, 8-way MIG pliers

  • Weld fillet gage with stainless blades

  • Tip cleaners

  • Tank wrench, 10-way with 3/8" socket

  • Spark lighter, single flint

Technical Career Training

Class schedules

Day Training

9:30am to 3:30pm

Tuesday through Friday

(4 days per week)


Evening Training

4:30pm to 9:30pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays

(2 evenings per week)


Custom scheduling

available for employer certification testings and current welders.


Mondays available

for certification testing, fabrication services, and welding company training / CWI services.

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Every one of our students knows they are receiving an education from a well accredited testing facility (ATF) that is fully certified through the American Welding Society and officially licensed in Kentucky

and Indiana.

Welding Kit
  • Cover plate polycarbonate

  • Gas welding & cutting goggles

  • Ratchet headgear with adjustable knobs

  • Molded polycarbonate visor

  • Safety glasses

  • Earplugs corded, disposable foam

  • Welder's gloves select cowhide with reinforced thumbs

  • Disposable respirator with valve

  • Measuring tape 25'

  • Welder's cap with 360º sweatband

  • Slip joint pliers

  • Adjustable wrench 10"