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Reasons to Choose A Career In Welding

1. Money

Lets get this one out of the way. Welders can make some pretty decent money right out of welding school and as their skill increases, so does their wage.


2. In Demand

Experienced welders are becoming more in demand by the day. In fact the American Welding Society estimates that by 2020 there will be a shortage of 290,000 welders.


3. Work in a ton of different industries

As a Knight School of Welding graduate, you have the uncommon luxury of choosing what industry you want to work in.


4. Be your own boss

The only thing better than becoming a welder, is starting your own business as a welder.


5. Cheaper and less time than college

The price of attending college is at an all time high and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a job in your field of study. Knight School of Welding offers accelerated programs where you can gain your certification in 4 to 8 weeks.


6. Travel

If you love to travel welding may be the right career choice. Welders are needed everywhere so wherever you go, you’ll likely find work.


7. Job Satisfaction

Completing the perfect weld is a feeling like no other. Imagine getting to do that all day everyday.


8. Career Advancement

As a beginner you’ll likely start welding in a small shop or on a production line, but after a few years options start to open up. Knight School of Welding also offers lifetime job assistance for all graduates.


9. Room for specialization

The more specialized you are the more in demand you’ll be.


10. Certification

Gaining your welding certification means your earned credentials reflect an industry need. The AWS Certified Welder program at Knight School of Welding is designed to provide you with “transferable” credentials so you can be confident the certification is top-notch, and your resulting skills will be among the best in the industry.    


11. Growing field for women

Over the last decade the number of female welders has increased by over 2% according to the US Department of Labor. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it certainly points towards a growing trend in the industry.


12. Make your own stuff/ do your own repairs

With the skills you learn at welding school you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own projects.


13. Work Underwater

How many careers out there give you the option to work underwater? Not many that’s for sure. As an underwater welder you’ll be making a lot of money but it’s hard work and not for everyone.


14. Different education paths to become a welder

Welding school is just one way to go if you want to start your career. Another great way to gain experience is through apprenticeships.


15. Independence

Welding requires long hours of working by yourself so you must be confident that you’re doing the job correctly.


16. It’s fun

Physically making a thing is incredibly fun and satisfying. And if you choose a career in an industry that you’re passionate about, you’ll be eager to go to work everyday.


17. Job security

Welders are needed almost everywhere and if you’re willing to relocate, your job security is even better.


18. Continuous Learning

Whether you like it or not, advancing technology is having an impact in all industries, even welding. If you love learning new technologies it’s a great choice and you’ll have the upper hand.


19. Lots of overtime

Welders can significantly boost their annual income by working overtime. Industries that employ welders are often on tight deadlines to complete the project or fill the quota so there is plenty of opportunity for overtime.

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